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If you're looking for an animation studio that can produce high-quality, engaging, and persuasive videos in a very tight timeframe, then look no further than Upcore!
We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients and craft effective animated videos that clearly communicate their message.
Our in-house production team is second to none, and we're known for our fresh ideas, fast turnaround times, and fun attitude.
We have full service in-house production capabilities so we can write your creative, or simply bring ideas to life.
Our animated videos are also known for being fresh and fast - turnaround time is important when you need an effective communication tool!

Stage 1: Vision

The first step in creating any animated film is to develop a vision for the project. This includes coming up with a basic concept, developing characters and settings, and designing the look of the film. Once the vision is in place, it can be used as a roadmap for the rest of the production process.

  • 01 Briefing

    Tell us what you want and we’ll tell you what your story should be. We know how to make videos that achieve the goals of any project, so get in touch!

  • 02 Script

    The process of scripting can be a difficult one, but it is worth the time and effort. It might feel like you're tearing your story apart on paper to make sure that every detail makes its way into this final product - don’t worry! We'll help take care of all those little pieces so that they fit together perfectly.

  • 03 Moodboard

    Finding the perfect artistic direction for your video is not an easy task. But with this compass in hand, we can get our creative minds synced and set a starting point to guide us on what comes next…

  • 04 Styleframes

    This is a really exciting step because we get to see your visual representation of what the video will look like. With static frames, you can test out illustration styles and colour palettes for us to both discover what style works best with yours!

  • 05 Concept Storyboard

    We start to tell your story by putting pictures together, so you can see the outline of how it will look on screen. The main action is drawn with a clear overarching theme and all other relevant details are also brought up at this stage so as to ensure that there's no confusion about what scene or event should take place next once filming begins!

Stage 2: Story Development

  • 06 Illustrated Storyboard

    With the design and creation of key scenes, we are now ready to put together an illustrated storyboard that will show how each scene goes. A concept board might only have seven frames but when all is said and done you'll be looking at 25, since it's capable of expanding much more than originally anticipated!

  • 07 Voiceover

    Whether you're looking for a serious and official tone, or something more laid back and conversational, we have the perfect voice to match any mood. We'll find that one unique quality in your company so people will want to keep listening!

Stage 3: Animation Production

  • 08 Animatic

    The video is a great way to test out different animation techniques without having any visual effects. This helps us figure out what kind of scene as well as how much time we need for each technique, like 2D versus 3-dimensional shapes in space!

  • 09 Animation

    You can sit back and enjoy the ride while we take care of everything, per your instructions. Along our journey together you will ask us for any last-minute revisions needed - so don't worry!

  • 10 Sound Design

    No matter the story being told, it's always accompanied by realistic sound effects and well-composed music that highlights key moments. But for an animation to really stand out in its execution of these elements, there needs be one final detail: synchronicity between what’s happening onscreen and how they're represented visually or through dialogue!

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