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It has survived not only five centuries


It has survived not only five centuries

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What is the difference between off the shelf web builder?

We integrate strategy, marketing, design and technology. Many web builders use a template, outdate technology that can have info, pictures and useless functionalities added. UPCORE web design is ideally equipped to deliver websites from tech start-ups to traditional businesses. We meet clients’ goals by merging brand storytelling and beautiful web design with the latest and greatest web technologies.

Do you ask your clients to take a ticket when they need help?

We hate tickets so no we are there when you need us.

Do you rebuild/improve existing sites?

We get asked this all the time. Unfortunately, retrofitting sites ends up costing as much as a rebuild. That is because if the original was an off the shelf it won’t have the capacity to scale up and the changes cost as much as starting from scratch. Also, parts that may need to be retained will not integrate with new code. So, if you are lucky enough to only need to retrofit 5 to 10% we can accommodate your needs.

How much does it cost to hire UPCORE for a custom development project?

Our pricing is directly related to the project scope, timeline, deliverables, and team composition. When the scope isn’t set in stone, or the project is very dynamic, we prefer engaging on a time and materials basis where you pay us for the time spent. We’ll give you a detailed proposal after learning as much as possible about your project. All estimates are calculated based on the hourly rates and the number of hours we think the job will take.

Do you have hosting, server, cloud services?

Yes, we can provide hosting, server, cloud services and offer tech support you can chose what services you need.

How can I get a proposal for my project?

Email us a quick summary of your project. We usually reply within 24 hours to schedule an introductory call. During our first call, we ask a lot of questions about the project goals, audience, budget, timeline, and other essential details. We can sign an non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if necessary, but we always treat all client conversations as confidential. After the call, we may request various documentation such as a design brief, project requirements, past designs, etc. If we’re redesigning an existing digital product, we’ll want to schedule a demo or try it ourselves. We will email you a proposal and can either schedule a video call or face to face appointment to walk you through it. The proposal will include a detailed description of our approach, project phases, activities, and deliverables, design team composition, and relevant case studies. While many other agencies only work by the hour, we try to estimate the project cost as precisely as possible before we start. We also recommend contacting several user experience design companies to compare their prices and approach.